Balancing Act: Using Solar Energy With Electricity


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Solar power is one of the most reliable sources or renewable energy on the planet. No matter where you live, the sun will come up each morning. However, implementing solar power in your own home does pose some unique challenges. One of the most difficult of these is balancing your use of solar power with your use of electricity drawn from your community’s regular power grid.

It would be rather nice if most homes could be powered by solar energy completely.The whole story can be found at Read the rest of this entry »

Create Your Own Renewable Energy Using Windmills


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Using windmills for power is centuries old. In the 20th Century, they began to be used extensively for generating electricity. These gigantic windmills can be seen along highways, in fields and in ranches throughout several states, most notably Texas. This state is currently the largest producer of wind energy in the country. In Texas, the windmills are referred to as windtricity mills.

Many different sizes of windtricity mills are available on the market for consumers today. There Read the rest of this entry »

Environmental Impacts: The Viability of Renewable Energy Sources


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Many people question the viability of renewable energy sources, and the environmental impact of these resources is what causes people to question the viability of such resources. It’s important to understand that all sources of energy have some measureable impact on the environment.

However, although renewable energy sources can have a negative impact on the environment, they are nowhere near as harmful as fossil fuels like oil, natural gas and coal.

The intensity and type of environmental impact caused by harvesting energy from renewable resources is determined by geographic location, technology and other Read the rest of this entry »

Solar Energy: Passive and Active


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If you get your energy through places like, then there is an exceptionally good possibility that you have heard about solar energy. Solar energy, in layman’s terms, is energy derived through the harnessing of the sun’s natural energy, but did you also know that there are two very different kinds and two very different ways of harnessing them? It’s true and we’re going to talk about both of them, right now.

We’ll start with passive solar energy. This form of solar energy basically relies on the sun to be shining. Special materials built into a home make use of this energy with greenhouse glass, which focuses the light into heat, and specially built walls that capture heat and disperse it about the home. These materials are usually built into the south side of any home to make the most of the sunlight.

Active solar energy relies on all those fancy solar arrays and cells you see on top of houses and even on the International Space Station. These implements actually capture solar radiation which can then be channeled into immediate energy applications like heating water or cooking or lighting a room.

Both types of solar energy are used each day, but understanding each and how they work is important if any progress is to be made in the field of renewable energy.

Tips For Teaching The Next Generation About Sustainability


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In order to change the cycle of a wasteful society, this must start with the next generation. No child is too young to learn the concept of sustainability, even if they are unable to pronounce it. If our natural resources are to survive for many generations to come, then we must teach the children today about renewable resources and how to sustain them day to day.

First, you can explain that the natural environments around them are affected by everything we do, whether it is throwing trash Read the rest of this entry »

A Guide To Renewable Energy Options


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There are currently five different renewable energy sources used within the United States. Each is listed below with a brief description of them.

Hydro-power – Hydro-power is the use of turbines to harness the movement of water to generate electricity. Harnessed through the use of dams, the best example of Hydro-power is the Hover Dam.

Wind Power – Harnessing the wind as a source of renewable energy requires the use of windmills or huge wind turbines. This renewable energy source has been used for hundreds of years Read the rest of this entry »

Guessing Games: How Investing In Renewables Can Be Bad


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One need only look at the nightmare that is ethanol to understand why investing in certain forms of renewable energy can be an absolute debacle. The recent move by the United States to pursue an alternative to fossil fuels has resulted in a bloated corn price not only for the US, but for much of Mexico as well. When taking this into account alongside the fact that ethanol is produced via a LOT of gasoline (transport, corn cultivation, etc…) one has to wonder just how sound this energy source is. On the commodity price indexes corn has spiked to unbearable Read the rest of this entry »

Harnessing The Sun: Solar Panels for The Home


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Solar panel on the roof of your home or business can cut down the cost of your electric bill. Since electricity powers most of what we use lights, computers, appliances, heat in some cases, and electronics this will be a big savings. Sometimes solar panels make a home sell for 20,000 more due to the increase in value. There are many good reasons to get solar panels on your roof.

Solar panels utilize the natural energy of Read the rest of this entry »